probably the last housekeeping post

I've successfully moved to Wordpress, but was unable to migrate the years of content due to my basic hosting subscription. Still, because it's a domain name I've been using for a number of years, I've decided to continue to using it as my primary website. So this blog will go to sleep for now.

another housekeeping update

 I'm still waiting to see if survives a domain transfer, and how the new hosting situation affects it.

As I wait, I'll use and keep this on hiatus. I'll catch this website up if I end up going with it after all is said and done.

housekeeping update

I'm attempting to transfer to a different host. Having never tried it before, I'm uncertain if I'll be able to successfully import content or not. Whether or not I'm able to do this, there appears to be a good chance I'll resume posting on rather than continuing here.

Stay tuned.

I miss you


29 July 2020
It makes me sad, but I wanted to make sure I had a post for Nigel here.

We lost him 7 October 2021.